E Rickshaw Parts Business

With the advent of technology and innovation in the e-vehicles segment in the early 2000s, the management at Nanya began researching the market trends. After years of research and study, Nanya ventured into the electric vehicles category, in 2013, and began the import and sales of  E-Rickshaw Parts. The company has since then expanded, developed and furthered the business segment in accordance with the changing trends of the international market. Sourcing the best technology and materials has been the prime focus for Nanya. Because of this commitment, it is today, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts to manufacturers of electric vehicles.

Our Team

We are a professionally managed company. We are proud of the fact that our team is the secret behind our tremendous success. Each and every employee is perfect in their own capacity. We are confident about our tight-knit workgroup. Nanya is a workplace that identifies true talent and recognizes individual potential. Our team of experts handle the assigned responsibility with complete dedication and perfection. 

Companys Ideology

Nanya is based on a very simple philosophy that our client deserves value of every penny he pays us. We always strive to offer the best quality products and convenience to our customers. We position ourselves as the complete solution provider to our clients and customers, rather than just being product suppliers. Our major strength lies in understanding the customer need and addressing it with a powerful support system for its implementation. We are well in line to become the best-in-class service provider and spare parts supplier. 


We are BIS and ICAT approved suppliers for rims, tyres, motors and controllers and we have our own manufacturing unit dedicated to manufacture motor, differential and shocker.

Our Manufacturing facilities

In 2020, we identified the critical need of developing our own manufacturing unit that would minimize and reduce the dependability on the import of parts from foreign suppliers. In 2021, we set up our manufacturing unit in Faridabad, in the NCR, where we manufacture rear axle bodies, rear axles, axle shafts, hydraulic shockers and BLDC motors for e-rickshaws. We have a monthly production capacity of 15000 axle bodies, 10000 differentials, 20000 axle shafts and 10000 hydraulic shockers. We have also setup a complete production line for outer tube of shocker including gravity casting, boring, machining, painting and diamond cutting. We also have an in-house R&D and testing centre where we develop new and more economical techniques for manufacturing and testing our new products. The manufacturing facility is managed as per the Top-Quality Management (TQM) standards. 

Latest Introductions

We have recently introduced spares parts for E-Scooter and E-bikes which include motors and controllers of various power, volts and sizes

Nanya in a Nutshell

In the given market scenario and with consideration of our capacities, we are unarguably the fastest growing company in our industry. We are proud to be one of the fewest companies in the industry, to offer a complete range of parts required to assemble an e-rickshaw having required certifications.

"We are accepting bulk order quantity only."
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